Privacy Policy

1. Collection of information

1.1. To use the services provided through the Stilka Ltd. website, the Client must provide corporate data, as well as personal data of their representative (if a legal entity) or their data (if a natural person). The requested information is necessary for Stilka Ltd. to identify the Client and its legal status, properly provide the services, accounting, and statistical purposes, as well as for marketing and advertising, improvements in the service, or the creation of new services.

1.2. If the Client sends Stilka Ltd. correspondence, including emails and faxes, Stilka Ltd. will retain this information. Stilka Ltd. will also store correspondence regarding the service provided to the Client, as well as other correspondence arising from Stilka Ltd. to the Client. Stilka Ltd. will store this data to evaluate and improve the service provided to the Client, as well as to investigate possible violations of the terms of use of the service. In addition, the Customer's phone calls to Stilka Ltd. and Stilka Ltd.'s calls to the Customer may be recorded to improve the quality of the service, as well as for security purposes.

1.3. Stilka Ltd.'s website may use technologies that allow Stilka Ltd. to collect certain technical information about the Customer such as IP address, the operating system installed on the Customer's computer, the type of search engine that the Customer uses, information transfer data, location, network access, and other communication data relating to the Client when required by Stilka Ltd. for risk and security control, compliance with regulatory obligations or for other legal purposes. 

2. Provision of information and consent to the Client

2.1. By confirming their request to use a service provided through the website, the Customer expressly agrees within the meaning of Art. 4, para. 1, item 2 of the LLDP with the processing by Stilka Ltd. of all data provided by it and/or lawfully acquired by Stilka Ltd. for the purposes described above and their use in the manner described in these Website Terms of Use and the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
2.2. By providing an email address and/or telephone, the Client expressly gives his prior consent within the meaning of Art. 6 of the Law on Electronic Commerce to receive from Stilka Ltd. commercial messages related to the services provided by Stilka Ltd. and/or its partners.

  1. Disclosure of information

3.1. Stilka Ltd. will not sell or provide personal information to third parties in violation of its legal obligations. Stilka ltd. will provide access to the Client's data only to those employees who need it to provide the services of Stilka Ltd.

3.2. Stilka Ltd. will disclose information about the Customer if Stilka Ltd. must do so under current legislation. Such disclosure includes, but is not limited to, personal information and the content of correspondence with the Customer to the court; the police; security services; the competent state and intergovernmental or supranational bodies; competent agencies (other than tax authorities), ministries and regulatory authorities. If wrong or inaccurate information is provided by the Client and a violation of the law is established, Stilka Ltd. will transmit data to the fraud prevention authorities and the law enforcement authorities will have access to and use this information. Stilka Ltd. and other organizations may access and use this information (including information from other countries) to prevent fraud or money laundering.

4. Security and protection of information 

Stilka Ltd. assumes the responsibility to ensure the security of the Customer's data. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of information, Stilka Ltd. maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that are following the applicable regulations for the processing and storage of personal information. Stilka Ltd. provides access to the information through which the identity of the Client can be established, only to the employees who need this information for Stilka Ltd. to provide the services to the Client.